This is not just another love and match tester - it's an advanced application with a state-of-the-art TruePairs™ matching algorithm.
TruePairs™ algorithm is based on a sophisticated biorhythmic human behavior model, and uses resonance-dissonance criteria between partners' rhythms to determine the result for each aspect of their relationship without any numerology or ambiguous horoscopes.
At the same time, it's as simple and easy to use as a traffic light - just select yours and your partner's birthday, and 'TruePairs' application will calculate your compatibility.
The answer will detail what you can expect in your relations, in three fundamental aspects: sex, friendship, and family life. The results for each will be either 'Incompatible' (red), 'It depends' (yellow), or 'Compatible' (green).
It's so precise, you would think it is magic, but in fact it's exact science with a human touch. Tested on thousands of real couples, our TruePairs™ algorithm has shown 100% accurate results.
Getting Started
* To test a pair of man and woman, select their birthdays on the 'TruePairs' screen by scrolling the cylinders.
* To test a celebrity or a pair of celebrities, press the 'Find Celebrity' button and then search for a celebrity on the 'Man' or 'Woman' screen by scrolling the cylinders or by typing his/her name.
* Press the 'Result' button on the 'TruePairs' screen to see the 'Result' screen containing compatibility information. You will see three traffic lights: 'SEX', 'FRIENDS' and 'FAMILY'.
* The 'SEX' light is a prediction of sexual relations between the selected persons on a physical level. A green light means that they can be an excellent paramour pair, and a red light indicates that they will be incompatible.
* The 'FRIENDS' light predicts the complex of spiritual, moral, mental, and social compatibility of the selected persons. They can have long-term relations if the color is green, and short-term if red.
* The 'FAMILY' light is a prediction of joint life in one house, apartment or room. The selected pair will live without domestic conflicts if the color is green, and will live with frequent conflicts if the color is red.
* The yellow color indicates a special case. It means that the relations are, as of yet, unpredictable. They may turn out to be like the green case, the red case, or be completely neutral. The outcome depends on the external conditions and manners of the persons.
* Certain combinations of colors can be used to search for 'ideal' pairs. For example:
Green 'SEX' - ideal for intimate relations.
Green 'SEX' and green 'FRIENDS' - ideal for paramours with long-term relations.
Green 'SEX', green 'FRIENDS' and green 'FAMILY' - ideal for husband and wife.
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